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Things to know

Fri Jun 25, 2010 5:27 am by Admin

I will do my best to be as brief as possible here.

I'd like to assume that everyone knows about god-moding, also known as 'modding'. It can also be called "A God Am I" syndrome, cheating, meta-gaming, or simply being "Stop Having Fun Guy/Girl". The fact that it has so many names, sadly enough, is evidence that it happens much too often. Let's assume, once again, that everyone who comes to these …

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Time to retire . . . ((Semi-Open))

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Time to retire . . . ((Semi-Open)) Empty Time to retire . . . ((Semi-Open))

Post by Devon Marvin on Sat Mar 19, 2011 3:51 am

Devon went to his room straight from dinner. Room three-oh-five. He slid his key in the hole and paused. He remembered Madeline getting into his room without the aid of the door. He shuddered and turned the key. She wouldn't just pop in like that all the time, now would she?

Door was closed behind him, and locked. And he moved to the nearest hard and flat surface. A table or dresser presumably. He began to empty his pockets onto said surface. His wallet, with not more than his identification and some money within it. There were no family photos for one to paruse or credit cards either. Then there were a few random keys upon a key ring. The key ring was of a silvertone metal. It was a disk, and engraved upon it were the words 'The keys to the world'. It had been a promotional item from a cigarette company back on Earth. His cell phone was also placed upon the table. It's keys were locked and required a code and a fingerprint to unlock them.

Having nothing else in his pockets or upon him, he removed his belt and placed it upon the table top as well. The cell phone case was with it. He then moved to the bathroom. Once within the bathroom, he undressed and showered again. Yes, it was true that he had just showered before going down to dinner, but what did that matter? After his shower, he emerged from the bathroom in nothing more than a towel that was wraped around his waist.

He moved to his luggage. He removed the clothing from the bags and placed it within drawers in the dresser. He opened his garment bag and hung the contents in the closet. Shoes were all placed neatly in the bottom of the closet in a line acording to pair. Then he moved to a large suit case with hard sides. He laid it upon the bed and unzipped it. He removed from it's padded insides, a printer. He moved to the table and found a location to plug it into. Then it was back to the case to remove his laptop computer. He moved to the table once again and placed the computer upon it.

This was when he gathered his keys and wallet from the table. He moved to the night stand and placed them within the top drawer. Then it was back to the case upon the bed. He opened a zippered pocket upon the front of the case. Within this pocket were cords. He removed them and took them to the table. One cord was to plug the laptop in to charge. He utilized it, and powered up the computer. Another of the cords was a USB hub. This allowed for him to have more USB ports upon his computer. Into this hub, he pluged in the cord that ran to the printer. He added two more cords to the hub before walking away again.

He then moved to a smaller case, lifting it and setting it upon the bed as well. Inside was his digital camera, and his MP3 player. Both of which were taken to the table and pluged into their cords to charge. He was all set up. Back to the first bag to pull out one more cord. This one was plugged into the wall near the night stand. It was his cell phone charger.

All of the bags were closed up and put into the closet, either on a shelf in the top, or in the bottom behind his shoes. With the exception of the mobile comand center upon the table, the room looked as if no one was even staying within. He moved to the dresser at this point. He pulled out a pair of lounge pants. His towel was removed and put into the hamper with his other dirty clothes and linens. The blue plaid pants slid on and into place.

Bare feet padded across the room to take him back to his mobile comand center. Taking a seat he went online, via a mobile broadband card, and went to his emails. The first email within was from those he had been in contact with upon his phone. It was the file he had requested. Opening the email, he printed the file it contained.

Once the file was printed, he took the papers from the printer and sat back to begin reading them. The file contained information on one Gawain Cauthon. But it was rather sparce indeed. It said that his age was unknown. His place of birth was unknown. There were no known siblings or parents. So far, not the best of investigative reporting by his staff.

Number of marriages was unknown. The only ones that they had found out about were to a Gypzee McCarthy, a Schala Torgane, and an Airtia Shadowan. Which was listed as his current marriage. The sources listed were a Paladin, now deceased, with no listed name, and the public records of Rhy'Din (The Tel'Ranaemyn Inn Boards). There was no other information on the sources.

Known children were listed as De'Ryanna Ayabara, Xavier Cauthon, and Madeline Cauthon. It made note that there were possible marriages and children that were yet to be uncovered. He was listed as a caucassion male werewolf. His credentials also listed former God of Death and God of Nature with the God's of Rhy'Din. Devon wondered to himself what could have made him give up such sweet gigs.

There was a list of known associates as well. Gareth Machera-deceased, Dreconis Dragonis-Darkmane, Krownar Darkmane-deceased, Trever Knight, Glen Silverling, Fallon Zane, Tasha Masterson, and Venis Jordianthan. Beings of note because they were beings of power. Devon couldn't help but wonder who these sources were that had found out such information. It was listed that he had been a member of The Society of the Blood Rose. Though his rank was missing. And then on the last page, there it was, the information that told Devon how Gawain was able to portal out of the tavern and back so quickly and easily. Gawain was an Asha'man. Devon had to smile. Gawain could turn out to be a very powerful ally if need be. But he was definitely not a man to cross.

Now, Devon would admit that he knew very little about Asha'man and the towers. He had only heard bits and pieces of things over the years. But he had heard enough to know that an Asha'man was no one to piss off. They had powers that could possible rival the God's of Rhy'Din themselves. And Devon was going to be sure to remember that. He even spoke it outloud. "Note to self, do not piss off Gawain." He flipped through the papers once more to see if he had missed anything. Nothing else was available. The file was definitely incomplete. But from what was there, Devon knew that Gawain was not the target, and it didn't look like he had any reason to interfear with Devon's getting to the target either. So the file did not even need to be kept.

He pulled out a little slide bar on the printer. He then grabbed the little trash bin from the bathroom. He placed it under this little bar that hung out over the table and was attached to the printer. He fed the papers through the slit in the bar and they came out the other side in little tiny shredds that had been chopped up. Once that was done, the trash can was put back.

Then Devon straightened everything up, leaving his computer up and running to charge the MP3 player and the camera. Then he set to look about for a night cap. Surely there was a phone or a minibar. If he found a phone, he would call down to the desk to inquire of some room service. If the phone or the room service was not an option, he would see about the minibar. Or maybe even a stocked kitchenette? He searched his rooms now to find one of those things.

After all, a good many people enjoyed night caps, did they not?
Devon Marvin
Devon Marvin

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Time to retire . . . ((Semi-Open)) Empty Re: Time to retire . . . ((Semi-Open))

Post by Devon Marvin on Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:04 am

Once Devon had his nightcap, a scotch on the rocks, he pulled the covers down to the end of the bed. He folded them neatly across the bed like some places did with an extra blanket. Only Devon had even folded down the top sheet.

He climbed into the bed and lay flat upon his back. His arms were straight down his sides and his body was closed into a straight line. He closed his eyes and went right to sleep. No covers or anything.

He never moved in his sleep, not even to roll over once. And when he awoke, he had the usual male condition. He sat up from the bed and moved to get out of it. Then he moved the covers back up into their previous position. This made it so the bed looked as though it had never been slept in.

From there, Devon moved to the shower. He washed up and put his towel and his lounge pants into the hamper. For clothing he chose a pair of black boxers under a pair of black pants. His belt was slid into place with his cell phone case upon it, just like the night before. A blue polo shirt was worn and a pair of penny loafers with black socks completed his attire.

He was dressed rather casual because he planned on spending the day just hanging around the Inn. There were things to be learned before he moved on to seeking his target. He wasn't even completely sure that he was close to the right area of Rhy'Din. But he would know by the end of the day. Or so he hoped.

Either way, this wasn't a wasted trip.
Devon Marvin
Devon Marvin

Posts : 29
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Location : Anywhere business is good.

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