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Things to know

Fri Jun 25, 2010 5:27 am by Admin

I will do my best to be as brief as possible here.

I'd like to assume that everyone knows about god-moding, also known as 'modding'. It can also be called "A God Am I" syndrome, cheating, meta-gaming, or simply being "Stop Having Fun Guy/Girl". The fact that it has so many names, sadly enough, is evidence that it happens much too often. Let's assume, once again, that everyone who comes to these …

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Forumu desukai! Supah-sayaiajin desensku!

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Forumu desukai! Supah-sayaiajin desensku! Empty Forumu desukai! Supah-sayaiajin desensku!

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:15 am

Did that get your attention? Heh. Sorry, been up a little too long. For posterity, I shall leave this as is, and re-title it later. Come on, I'll get to it.

Eventually. lol!

Anyway, as of the last week of July 2011, someone decided to target these forums and what I like to think of as our sister-ship, The Tel'Ranaemyn Inn. Arigato, Ar-and Air-kun! These folks wanted to spam the tar out of us all. I mean, they got almost as bad as that Nigerian royal family that apparently had sacks of money to give away. Odd.....I never got a response! Maybe because the info I gave them was...hee. Sorry, that would be telling. Besides, it's not illegal to 'accidentally' give a known scammer a routing number for an account you personally closed.

A year ago.

And found in an old check-book in a closet you were cleaning out.

Anyway! On to what I was originally here for! I apologize, by the way, for the title, the content, and the sheer amount of purely crazed-ness herein. This should serve as a cautionary tale for me, at the very least, to never EVER watch Red Dragon VERY soon after seeing Deathly Hallows 2, late at night/early in the morning.......again. The title came from my viewing first the Avatar (AANG, not some smurf/thundercat hybrid that someone "thought up independently) then, upon browsing the deep Asian mystic/martial art background, went to look at, what else, untranslated DBZ.

I make up my own dialogue. Oooh, this once, I had Nail actually body-swapping with Piccolo and the former being pretty cheesed about it. Fun.

A prayer for my wife, folks. She neeeeeeds it. She lives with THIS. All. The. Time.

I actually rambled for a lot longer than I intended to...and realized I have become the SUCK at typing! Gah! My backspace key is weeping in the corner and begging for a lethal injection!

In short. You want to post here, but you don't want to register? Here ya go.



All the rest of that junk? Er.....well, see, I'm gonna erase all that. Just wanted to let it all out, read over it, and see what I pick out that's useful. Also, I can't remember for the life of me what my login and such was for Livejournal. Or if that site still exists. Huh. Oh well, this, minus the insanity around it, will be posted elsewhere and stickied.

PS-While I was watching the last part of Red Dragon? A frickin' spider the size of a hamster dropped onto my hand to say hello. I am not afraid of spiders....they aren't my idea of cute and cuddly....but this one gave me a doggone wiggins' something proper. I leave you with this.

When's the last time you washed your hands? so nasty.

Gomen ne!

-Slightly-unhinged Admin-a-dude!

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Forumu desukai! Supah-sayaiajin desensku! Empty Re: Forumu desukai! Supah-sayaiajin desensku!

Post by WolfHeadGuest on Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:02 am

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