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Things to know

Fri Jun 25, 2010 5:27 am by Admin

I will do my best to be as brief as possible here.

I'd like to assume that everyone knows about god-moding, also known as 'modding'. It can also be called "A God Am I" syndrome, cheating, meta-gaming, or simply being "Stop Having Fun Guy/Girl". The fact that it has so many names, sadly enough, is evidence that it happens much too often. Let's assume, once again, that everyone who comes to these …

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Feeling like a champ and finding things out ...

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Feeling like a champ and finding things out ... Empty Feeling like a champ and finding things out ...

Post by Devon Marvin on Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:52 am

Devon left Breakfast feeling good. He had some new allies in this mission he had undertaken. He felt better knowing that he was no longer alone in this. So he headed up to the third floor and back to his room. Once he was inside he got undressed and took a shower. He scrubbed himself clean in the scalding hot water. Then he got out and wrapped himself in a towel. He moved to his little mobile command center and sat down.

Devon fired up the laptop and waited. He got logged in and then pulled up his internet connection. He signed in and then went to his email. He opened the email marked Dossier on Tasha Masterson. He downloaded the file and then printed it out. Then he deleted the file from his documents folder and followed that up with a emptying of his recycling bin on his laptop. He had done the same with the dossier on Gawain. Better to be safe than sorry.

He took the printed dossier and moved to his bed. He sat upon the bed with his legs crossed before him and began to read. Full name was Tasha Elizabeth Erin Masterson. Age 36 (at time this post was to have taken place.). D.O.B. 06-19-1975 (EY). Parents were Arron Masterson, Father, and Marie Masterson, Mother, both deceased. Two sisters, both older, Alicia Masterson and Catrina Masterson. Companion, black panther named Leviathan.

Devon arched an eyebrow about her choice of pets. She was born in Rhy'Din. Place of birth was listed as Abradonia, Kileen. It was on the main continent of Rhy'Din. The continent that was also called Rhy'Din. The next thing the dossier said was that she was the survivor of an attack by a werepanther. She contracted the disease at the age of sixteen. Her parents subsequently kicked her out of the family home. Devon frowned at that.

According to the dossier, Tasha was adopted into a Pard by a werepanther named Gabriel Caliber. Gabriel was one of the founders of Lycan Wars. And illegal fight club putting lycanthropes against each other in bloody battles that sometimes were fought even to the death. It was rumored, though not confirmed, that Tasha was the grand champion of the club before it was shut down. It even alleges that she fought under the name Hell Cat.

Devon arched both eyebrows at this revelation. He knew about Lycan Wars. He was one of the people responsible for bringing it down. Most of the lycans involved were being forced to fight against their wills. Usually by their pack, pard, or whatever alpha's. The participants were usually treated unfairly, abused, forced to do things against their wills. It was a very cruel and viscous life. Devon pitied anyone who was forced to participate.

He continued to read. It said that after the fight club was shut down, Gabriel was getting his Pard involved in territorial battles and wars with other lycan groups. The reports said that he would start wars with other groups in the area just to prove that his panthers were the superior race. And this apparently worsened once his wife divorced him. Once she was gone, he was picking fights with bigger and stronger lycan groups intentionally.

It said that Tasha only survived the slaughter of her pard because she was away at her parents funeral. Devon frowned when he read that. Then there was a gap in time before it listed that she single-handedly liberated the animals from a zoo that was abusing their animals. They were failing as a business and they used violence to control their animals and make them perform tricks. Tasha found out about this and broke into the place one night.

Devon chuckled and shook his head. She had let all the animals go, and those that were too sick or injured to survive in the wild, she had transported to sanctuaries to be cared for. Devon was quite impressed. Then it lists that she was in the Society of the Blood Rose. Her highest rank achieved was Assistant Keeper. She was a healer. And she attended classes at Loreil Academy. Even though it wasn't in Gawain's dossier, Devon guessed.

Then there was a large blank space of time. Then it lists her as staying at the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn. And her current location is listed as the Starry Myst Inn. Both of which are located near New Haven, Rhy'Din. So they were in this area. There were no marriages or children on file. That wasn't something Devon saw very often in Rhy'Din. Usually there was at least one marriage listed, or an illegitimate child or two somewhere.

Known associates were Gareth Machera, Fiance' (Diseased) ((They didn't know he was back yet.)), Ha'Ruil Aleaneplith, live-in boyfriend, Venis Jordianthan, Gawain Cauthon, Madeline Cauthon, Airtia Shadowan Cauthon, Glen Silverling, Trevor Knight, Fallon Zane, Jeremy Chop, Casandra Lightheart, and Kahn Jordianthan. A lot of those names were in Gawain's dossier as well. Which made perfect sense given they seemed to be close friends.

Devon looked at the stack of papers in his hands. There was a lot of information in this dossier, most of it kind of sad, some of it happy, and a chunk of it unsubstantiated. His fact checkers had done a much better job on this dossier than they had on Gawain's. But it still gave Devon the same impression. He made another note to himself. Don't piss off the little red haired girl either. Evidently, what she lacked in power, she made up for in friends.

Perhaps this circle of powerful friends could be of some use.

Devon Marvin
Devon Marvin

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